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Retired ASU Professor Loses Daughter To Sharia

Fellow infidels, If you think that Islamic Sharia law can’t possibly affect you here in little ole Jonesboro, Arkansas, think again.  The following video features an interview with former Arkansas State University Professor Margaret McClain. McClain’s daughter, Heidi, was kidnapped from Jonesboro … Continue reading

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Saudi Women Want End To Male Guardianship Laws

Fellow infidels, According to The Clarion Project: A petition demanding the end of male guardianship in Saudi Arabia was delivered to the Kingdom’s Shura Council (a formal advisory body). The petition also calls for changes in Saudi’s family law with … Continue reading

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Those Clever Saudis

Fellow infidels, After a long hiatus, the Scarlet Pimpernel is back at it with a fantastic blog – Burkasrugly You got to hand it to those darn clever Saudis.  Now they are navigating the intricacies of Facebook.  This has revolutionized … Continue reading

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Saudi Men Gang Rape Baby Girl

Fellow infidels, What kind of sick deviant finds a baby sexually appealing? Muslim men.  What kind of men blame female babies for “turning them on” sexually?  Muslim men. Whose religion issues an edict that babies must wear a burka so … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (Gruesome) Words

Fellow infidels, It pains me greatly to have to publish this horrendous picture, but the world has to be told the truth…that Islam is evil and sadistic, and MUST NOT be appeased.  Muslims DO NOT worship the same God that … Continue reading

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Celebratory Gunfire

In an under reported news item from BBC on 10/31/2012 it was revealed that 25 people were killed in Saudi Arabia from celebratory gunfire. Here is how the story unfolded. This man created disaster took place in the village of … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia Is Gay Capital Of The World

Fellow infidels, The Saudi’s claim they don’t adhere to homosexuality, but since they keep their women under lock and key male homosexuality is rampant in Saudi Arabia.  Pat Condell exposes their hypocrisy in this short video: Until next time, Burkasrulgy

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