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Denial Of Islamic Atrocities Is Like Orwellian Doublespeak

Fellow infidels, Below is an excellent interview featuring Robert Spencer.  He is being interviewed by Politichick’s  Anne-Marie Murrell. Spencer was in Los Angeles to speak at the American Freedom Alliance conference titled “Europe’s Last Stand?” In the video he addresses the insanity … Continue reading

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Tennessee Citizens Balk At Back Door Islamic Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, “Public Disclosure In A Diverse Society” was the progressive, Marxist-sounding name of a meeting that was scheduled in an attempt to implement an Islamic blasphemy law in Tennessee.  You see, Tennessee, which is in the heart of the Bible Belt, would be a huge … Continue reading

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Obama’s White House Infiltrated By Muslim Brotherhood

Fellow infidels, One of the nation’s foremost experts on Islam, Robert Spencer, discusses the infiltration of the White House by Muslim Brotherhood operatives with PolitiChick’s Ann-Marie Murrell in the video below.  This is not a subject to be taken lightly.  … Continue reading

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Shhh! Don’t Criticize Pedophilia: It’s Part Of Islam

Fellow infidels, Here is further evidence that the Leftists and radical Muslims work hand in hand…the American Psychological Association wants to ‘destigmatize’ pedophilia so as to not huuurrrrt the feelings of pedophiles.  This is a purely Leftist organization. And now, the U.S. … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media, Liberals Ignore Muslim Honor Killing Victims

Fellow infidels, You might be an “Islamaphobe” if you stand up for young Muslim women who are viciously murdered by their families. These young women are condemned for committing the “crime” of dishonoring their families in some way. Or you might be … Continue reading

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Liberal Filmaker Discovers The Truth About Islam

Fellow infidels, Liberal filmmaker Eric Allen Bell has been banned from blogging at the Daily Kos because he began to tell the truth about Islam….not just the liberal line.  He was making a documentary in Murfreesboro, Tennessee about the recent … Continue reading

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Robert Spencer On Islam, “Shark Of Human Cultures”

Fellow Infidels, This is the second installment of the report on Robert Spencer’s speech to the Memphis ACT! for America chapter on June 15th. Instead of shunning this man, one day some of our so-called leaders will be turning to him for advice when … Continue reading

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