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Devious Religious Fascists Want To Silence Free Speech

Fellow infidels, If you don’t know that we are talking about Islam, then you have been living under a rock.  The Organization of Islamic Conference, or as Pat Condell calls it, the Organization of Islamic Criminals, is hell-bent on pushing … Continue reading

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Critics Of Islam Should Be Jailed, Say American Muslims

Fellow infidels, Never in a million years would I have ever thought that in America that some foreign entity could dictate to Americans what they could or could not say. But it will happen if we do not take action.  The Organization … Continue reading

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UN Blasphemy Law Outlaws Sharing Christian Faith

Fellow infidels, One of our occasional bloggers, Fishin’ Guy, is back with a great blog explaining the UN Blasphemy Law, which was pushed by good ole’ Hillary Clinton – Burkasrugly Since the Obama administration tried to blame a third-rate film … Continue reading

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‘Defamation Of Religion’ Resolution A Joke

Fellow infidels, The ‘Defamation of Religion’ resolution that the Organization of Islamic Congress (OIC) wants to push through the UN is a blatant attempt to silence any true examination of Islam.  Because if anyone gives it a thorough and objective … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Ok’s Introduction Of Sharia Law In U.S.

Fellow infidels, In this installment, Fishin’ Guy brings attention to a very scary United Nations Resolution, Resolution 16/18 that essentially opens the door to implementation of Sharia in the United States.  But you can do something about this.  ACT! for … Continue reading

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Obama, Islamic Group Join Forces To Destroy First Amendment

Fellow infidels, The Obama administration quietly signed on to United Nations Resolution 16/18 while America was celebrating Christmas.  This could be the death knell for the First Amendment. In a story at Forbes, author Abigail R. Esman had an excellent … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders Scores Another Win For The West

Fellow Infidels, We really need to be supporting freedom fighters like Geert Wilders.  He is our proxy for fighting radical Islam.  (What other kind of Islam is there?) Geert Wilders, defender of Western Civilization Even after Mr. Wilders was acquitted of “inciting hatred” … Continue reading

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