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Religion of Peace Unleashes Hell on Earth

Fellow infidels, Think that Islam is just another religion?  Think again.  Constantine counts the ways that Islam is a threat to peace on Earth – Burkasrugly Just since 9/11 there have been 18,699 jihadist attacks where one or more people have … Continue reading

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Former Muslim Exposes Borders Bookstore Bowing To Islam

Fellow Infidels, This brave young former Muslim girl has proof that another American company has bent to Islam. Remember, Sharia and Islam are slowly creeping into our society. If they are successful in these small changes, what is next? Until … Continue reading

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Ann Barnhardt On The Unholy Koran

Fellow Infidels, Ann Barnhardt has a very succinct way of castigating the “near enemy,” i.e. those Christians (and others who should know better) who refer to the Koran, (aka the manifesto of the brutal totalitarian ideology known as Islam) as “holy.”  Check out … Continue reading

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Koran Contains Hateful Verses

Fellow Infidels, The following blog was written by Galileo, one of our guest writers.  Galileo has used the words of the Koran to illustrate the hate and intolerance that is fed to the followers of Mohammed.  Burkasrugly Is Islam a … Continue reading

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