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Zakat, Charity Islamic Style

Fellow infidels, Constantine explains the concept of Zakat  – Burkasrugly One of the Five Pillars of Islam is the practice of Zakat. Zakat is an Arabic term best translated as charity. It is the annual obligatory 2.50% assessment of a … Continue reading

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Lambs To The Slaughter

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel writes about the dangers of Sharia law. It is NOT a harmless law that directs Muslims on religious dietary edicts.  It IS aimed at keeping infidels (that’s you and me) in line.  Please pass on … Continue reading

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The Book The Mullahs DON’T Want You To Read

Fellow infidels, In his latest installment, Constantine clues us in to a book that Islamic mullahs don’t want you to read – Burkasrugly There is a book out there that the Mullahs definitely hope you never read. The full title … Continue reading

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Your Guaranteed Rights Under Sharia Law

Fellow infidels, Constantine warns against the danger of allowing Islamic Sharia law to creep into our legal system. – Burkasrugly If in 10 or 20 or 30 years through our neglect and apathy we lose our Constitutional form of government … Continue reading

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Hallmarks of Radical Islam

Fellow infidels, It has been a while since we heard from the Scarlet Pimpernel, but the following article was worth the wait.  It describes in concrete terms what constitutes a radical Muslim. – Burkasrugly Invariably after speaking and using the … Continue reading

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“Neutrality In The Face Of Evil Is Evil Itself” – Geert Wilders

In May of 2011 Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, delivered a speech in Nashville, Tennessee to a standing room only crowd of 4,500 people. The speech was titled “A Warning to America.” At the time Mr. Wilders … Continue reading

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