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Chad Causey May Be "Useful Idiot" for Radical Muslims

As reported here in an earlier blog, Chad Causey, Democrat candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Arkansas, wrote a glowing report about his privately-funded trip to Turkey that was posted on Fethullah Gulen’s website.  Gulen has been called the “Turkish Khomeini” and “the … Continue reading

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Fethullah Gulen Brainwashing Young Americans

He has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world by one Islamic expert, and the “Turkish Khomeini” by another.  Guy Rodgers, of ACT! for America, has written an excellent article on how Fethullah Gulen may be infiltrating the … Continue reading

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Chad Causey Tied To Islamic Radical

He has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world, but maybe Chad Causey, candidate for Arkansas 1st Congressional District seat, did not check Fethullah Gulen’s credentials before he allowed him to post his essay on Gulen’s website.  Perhaps he did not … Continue reading

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