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Action Alert: Support DJ Who Says All Mosques And Muslims Should Be On Watch List

Fellow Kafirs, Please consider sending an email and/or calling the station to offer your support for this American patriot who happens to be a DJ for a radio station. Contact information will follow video.  (Read more at Bare Naked Islam).He has … Continue reading

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Muslim Caught On Video Beating Puppy

Fellow infidels and dog lovers, This is not an isolated incident. See the list of links below (from Bare Naked Islam) to stories about Muslim animal cruelty. Muslims hate dogs, and it shows in this video. This guy should be left alone … Continue reading

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Muslims In Malta Torture, Crucify Dogs And Cats

Fellow infidels, From Bare Naked Islam: MUSLIMS IN MALTA crucify cats and dogs and hang them on Christian Cathedrals A dog was found crucified and hanging up side down from a cross at the Rotunda in Mosta, Malta. Later a … Continue reading

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Swiss Parliment Member: Limit Muslim Immigration(video)

Fellow infidels, Wow!  I want this guy in our Congress!  Bare Naked Islam is reporting on this story titled “SWITZERLAND joins Norway and Denmark in trying to reduce its Muslim immigration problem.”  We don’t have the problem with Muslim immigration … Continue reading

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Bleeding Heart Liberal Raped By Muslim

Fellow infidels, Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for this story.  This bleeding heart liberal woman who felt sooooorrry for the poor Muslim immigrants was brutally raped by a Muslim that she and her husband befriended…as her equally bleeding heart husband … Continue reading

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