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Canadian Imams Call For Death To Those Who Criticize Mohammed

Fellow Kaffirs, Apparently, the government of Canada is ok with these hate preachers spewing their poison in the (supposedly) free country of Canada.  You can bet your bottom dollar they are vomiting the same putrid vitriol in American mosques.  Are … Continue reading

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Islamic Minarets Instead Of Christian Steeples?

Driving along the roadways in Jonesboro, AR yesterday morning I felt the calmness  and serenity that one so often feels on a Sunday morning.  Every so often I saw a church steeple and was comforted that we live in a Christian … Continue reading

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Building on Culberhouse In Jonesboro, AR Not A Mosque

Constantine needs to refute a rumor going around Jonesboro, Arkansas.  The building going up at 3701 South Culberhouse Road is not a mosque. If you will notice, the dome now has a cross on top.  This building is the future … Continue reading

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