Sharia And Women

Fellow kafirs,

Please consider the following facts about women and Sharia compiled by Constantine. Women living under Sharia law are doomed – Burkasrugly

According to Linda Sarsour Sharia is the most pro woman ideology on the face of the earth.

How then Ms. Sarsour do you justify the following tenets of Sharia espoused in the Reliance of the Traveller: A Manual of Sacred Islamic law ?

  1. A Caliph (Muslim Male leader) is exempt from charges of murder, adultery, robbery, drinking and rape.
  2. A Caliph must be a Muslim male, not a female, not a slave .
  3. Women are forbidden from becoming a Sharia judge.
  4. Women are forbidden from becoming a mullah or an imam.
  5. The husband has the right to beat wife or wives.
  6. There is no legal age limit for Muslim girls to be married. A marriage contract can be any time after birth.
  7. Consummation of the marriage can take place at 8 or 9.
  8. No woman has the right to divorce her husband.
  9. A man can divorce his wife for any reason. He simply needs to say “I divorce you” three times.
  10. A man is allowed to have sex slaves or temporary marriages without number.
  11. Parents have the right to have female genital mutilation performed on their daughters.
  12. The testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man in a Sharia court.
  13. A woman can only inherit half as much as a man.
  14. In order for rape to be proven a woman must produce 4 male eyewitnesses.
  15. In a divorce the children are automatically awarded to the father.
  16. A Muslim woman cannot marry a Jewish or Christian man.
  17. However a Muslim man can marry a Jewish or Christian woman and all the children are considered Muslim by birth.
  18. A Muslim man can kill his wife with impunity for the very suspicion of adultery.
  19. Muslim parents can legally kill their children because they have dishonored their family.
  20. Women cover every part of their body except the face area, and some cases even the face must be covered.

Islam and the Sharia Code of Law is the most anti-woman of all the religions systems in the world. So how can any thinking reasonable woman view Sharia as a pro-woman ideology ?

In hoc signo;


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Wild Bill Arrested In Canada For “Hate Speech”

Fellow Kafirs,
This is the speech that our friend Wild Bill was going to give in Canada, but Canadian officials detained him and questioned him for hours. He never was permitted to give the speech. They took his iPad and have not returned it. This is all because their prime minister is sympathetic to Muslims and refuses to face the truth about Islam and violent jihad. It is laughable that they thought his words constituted “hate speech.” It is anything but. Watch the video of the speech and you determine whether it was hate speech – Burkasrugly

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Pocahontas Muslim Charged With Terroristic Threatening

Fellow kafirs,

What kind of idiot calls himself Jihad Darnell Ramadan?  One who police say admitted threatening workers at the PECO chicken processing plant in Pocahontas, AR and also a staffing agency, according to a story that appeared in the Jonesboro Sun on Thursday, July 20.  The story was on page A6 and it was titled “Man cleared in threat; another faces charges.”

Jihad Watch even carried the story. You can click on the link here and see the story.

This is just more proof that even though we live in the most conservative part of the country that these things are creeping into our society.  That makes is SO important for you to become an ACT for America member and become active.


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Bankrupt Professors And Pastors

Fellow kaffirs,

We haven’t posted a video from Dr. Bill Warner in quite a while, so we thought it would be a treat to do so. Dr. Warner is very perceptive and when he says that many college professors and pastors are bankrupt he is right on the money.  He has an interesting message in the video below – Burkasrugly

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Wild Bill Praises ACT! For America

Fellow kaffirs,
Our friend, Wild Bill for America, spoke in Florida at one of ACT! for America’s rallies against Sharia law. In the video below he talks about that, plus he explains how horrible Sharia law is and how bad it would be if it ever took hold in America. Listen as he describes what happens to little girls when they are subjected to the heinous practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – Burkasrugly

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Canada Arrests Wild Bill On Trumped-Up Smuggling Charge

Fellow infidels,
Apparently Canada wants to lock up a man who speaks out about Muslim violence.  However, they look the other way when Muslims participate in hate speech and violence against women and children.  But, hey, that is ok, right?  We must bow down to Islam because we are mere kafirs, right?  Take a look at what Wild Bill says about his arrest. I hope he gets his iPad back!! Burkasrugly

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Writer Defends ACT! For America

Fellow Kaffirs,
Iris Stevens recently had a letter published in the Jonesboro Sun. She defended ACT! for America due to a previous letter writer’s criticism of the organization.  Please note that she includes documentation after the letter – Burkasrugly

Paul Hiebing’s recent strong criticism of Robert Norvell’s letter regarding Muslim treatment of women was eye-opening.

Mr. Norvell’s letter, written not long after Mother’s Day, illustrated the extreme contrast between our country’s attitude toward women and the treatment of women under Muslim ideology. Norvell made the point that even a country’s economic health is better when women are treated as intelligent, educated, equal members of a society. All Mr. Hiebing could do is disparage Mr. Norvell’s attempts to educate people in this area about the dangers presented by radical Islam, something that the national media, with its apologist attitude toward a currently politically correct minority, isn’t doing.

Mr. Hiebing began his statement claiming that Norvell’s letter was “apropos of nothing.” Really?! After three radical Islamic attacks in two months in Britain and, since January 2017, over 400 documented terror attacks around the world primarily involving Islamic radicals and resulting in almost 3000 deaths? Even though Mr. Norvell’s letter dealt specifically with the treatment of women, 400 terror attacks are hardly apropos of nothing.

Hiebing, of course, also throws in the ubiquitous “hate speech” label citing the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing organization much loved by the liberal media) that equates the American Nazi Party and KKK with the likes of the American Family Association, Family Research Council, and David Barton. Apparently, according to Mr. Hiebing and the SPLC, imparting factual information equates to hate speech. So much for that First Amendment.

Though Mr. Hiebing apparently assumes that Mr. Norvell and those who attend his organization are ignorant of Islam and its tenets, he might be surprised to realize just how many people among ACT America, a national organization, and this paper’s readership are very familiar both with the texts Muslims consider sacred and the resultant admonitions and requirements for devout Muslims. And it certainly isn’t necessary to be a sophisticated scholar of the Koran, Hadith, or Sira to see how women fare in Muslim majority countries; all it takes is researching topics like honor killings and Female Genital Mutilation. Just this month, Newsweek reported that a possible 100 girls had been subjected to FGM in an Islamic sect located in Michigan. If we attend the Islamic open house here, will we learn about that, Mr. Hiebing?

Perhaps the most disturbing element of Hiebing’s letter was his pressuring the Sun’s editor to censor Mr. Norvell and, by implication, anyone who attempts to educate others about radical Islam. He also makes an unwarranted assumption that Muslims wouldn’t be allowed to share their insights in a letter to the editor. Since Chris Wessel printed Hiebing’s diatribe, I am certain he would print a letter from one of Hiebing’s Muslim friends.


Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?

by Thomas von der Osten-Sacken and Thomas Uwer
Middle East Quarterly

ISIS tops the 2017 terror charts in new world map which shows 406 extremist strikes across the globe already this year

Southern Poverty Law Center – hate watch

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