Demand That PayPal Restore ACT! For America Account

Fellow kafirs,

The national ACT! for America office recently sent out this press release – please take action- Burkasrugly

PayPal recently terminated the accounts of several organizations, including ours, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer for espousing views critical of radical Islam. A Soros backed Group named ProPublica has been targeting opponents using the radical SPLC’s “hate group” listing, to intimidate advertisers.

PayPal shamefully caved to the pressure of Soros. Accounts associated with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were recently restored after their members unleashed a wave of phone calls to PayPal. We must do the same!

ACT’s account has still not been restored and we need your help to send PayPal a message!
Click here to call and demand that PayPal reinstate ACT for America’s account immediately, or you will no longer use their service. You can also express your concerns on Twitter. Just click here to send a tweet to PayPal.

We need express that their knee jerk termination of our account was based on phony data by a radical leftist group (SPLC) and that ACT for America’s account should be restored immediately! We need to send a message to companies that think they can silence anyone, simply for exercising an opinion George Soros doesn’t like. Meanwhile, terrorist front-groups like CAIR continue to operate unfettered? No way!

Call to let them know how outraged you are, and that you will not be using their services again until our account is fully restored.

For Freedom,

ACT for America



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