Wild Bill Arrested In Canada For “Hate Speech”

Fellow Kafirs,
This is the speech that our friend Wild Bill was going to give in Canada, but Canadian officials detained him and questioned him for hours. He never was permitted to give the speech. They took his iPad and have not returned it. This is all because their prime minister is sympathetic to Muslims and refuses to face the truth about Islam and violent jihad. It is laughable that they thought his words constituted “hate speech.” It is anything but. Watch the video of the speech and you determine whether it was hate speech – Burkasrugly


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One Response to Wild Bill Arrested In Canada For “Hate Speech”

  1. iwnsinfidel says:

    As for me, I will fight islam, in every one of it’s facets, until my last breath, or their last drop of blood. I swear it to God.

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