‘The Promise” Highlights Armenian Genocide By Turkey

Fellow infidels,
Turkey does not acknowledge the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians by Turkey in 1915. However, Hollywood has made a movie about the horrific event and it opened this weekend.

The movie titled “The Promise” told the story of Michael Boghosian, an Armenian medical student who was studying in Constantinople when the events leading up to the massacre occurred.

It is refreshing to see that this story has been told, even though the perpetrators have refused to acknowledge their responsibility for this atrocity.  Of course, liberal outfits like Rolling Stone gave the movie a bad review, but don’t pay any attention to their bias review…go see the movie for yourself. I did and it was a good movie. Check out the official trailer below:

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3 Responses to ‘The Promise” Highlights Armenian Genocide By Turkey

  1. Margaret McClain says:

    Thanks for posting this! It was an excellent story and one that needed to be told. This movie might never have been made under President Obama’s administration, lest it offend his best friend on the world stage, Recip Erdogan, the dictator of Turkey and infamous Armenian Holocaust denier.

    Margaret ________________________________

  2. iwnsinfidel says:

    My good wife and I saw the preview on TV, and we will be purchasing this video. Of course, I imagine the producers have taken a certain degree of “artistic expression” with this film, but nevertheless, it is a true story that has been denied far too long, and it is way past time the world saw the truth for what it was: genocide by muslims.

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