Action Alert: Please Urge Governor To Sign ALAC Into Law

Fellow infidels,

Arkansas American Laws for American Courts (HB 1041) needs your help to become law.
Please contact Governor Hutchinson with phone calls or emails. You can leave him a recorded message at: 501-682-2345 from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm each weekday or you can send him an email to his executive assistant at the following email address:
Please firmly but respectfully relay your support for HB 1041 and ask that he sign the bill into law as soon as possible. Let him know that this issue is very important to you and that you will be watching to see how he ultimately acts on the matter.
Here are some talking points you can use:
• HB 1041 protects all citizens from the application of foreign laws in court cases that could potentially deprive them of their constitutionally protected rights, especially vulnerable women and children who have escaped from harsh regimes in other countries.
• Foreign law has already been applied in nearly 150 cases in 32 states in the US including one such case in Arkansas.(
• Several states have already implemented American Laws for American Courts including Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington and Alabama.
Thank you so much for your continued support and assistance in getting ALAC passed in Arkansas. We literally could not do it without you.



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One Response to Action Alert: Please Urge Governor To Sign ALAC Into Law

  1. Governor Hutchison I ask u to please sign hb1041. Sir you say you are a Christian,
    You say u r a conservative and that u care about the people of AR & the USA. sir please read shiria laws and the Koran. Then tell me and the ppl of Ar and USA
    These are the kind of laws our country needs. Sir this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NOT USA AND NATION OF ISLAM. Please look at the truth of Islam
    Prayfully with ur own mind not any outside infulence of financial or good ole
    Boys input or gain. Hundreds of years ago blood was shed that we could
    Live in a free nation not under the rule of a foreign power and no other nation
    Could tell us how and who to worship:NOT EVEN OUR OWN LEADERS! I will pray
    Pray for u governor Hutchison that u will make the right decision and if u don’t God will have mercy on u when the truth of Islam spreads across our wonderful country
    And u are crying out. My God what have I done? If the laws of Islam can b enacted in
    In our country why not china, Russia, North Korea or Mexico?

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