Citizen Concerned That Arkansas State University Catering To Muslim Student Group

Fellow Kafirs,

The following appeared as a letter to the editor recently in the Jonesboro Sun in response to a story about ASU forming a “campus climate council.”  No, this is not about global warming, but about the political climate on campus.  – Burkasrugly

In a story in Friday’s edition of The Jonesboro Sun, ASU announced that it was going to form a “campus climate council.” Interim Chancellor Doug Whitlock cited several reasons for creating this new group, including “concerns from international students.” According to the report, the proposed climate council would consist of representatives from several campus groups including Greek organizations, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Muslim Student Association, HOLA (Hispanic and Latino), and the Black Student Association. What group is missing here?
Why aren’t the Christians represented? Christianity was the most persecuted religious group in the world again in 2016 with 90,000 Christians being murdered for their faith last year — one every six minutes.
Radical Islam has been the main source of persecution of Christians worldwide per year, according to Open Doors USA.
Apparently, ASU is not concerned with hearing the concerns of Christians on campus, especially so since the majority of students and funding come from Christian parents.
It is very alarming that ASU is catering to the Muslim Student Association, which was created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign in January 1963. “It [MSA] was essentially ‘an arm of the Saudi-funded, Muslim Brotherhood- controlled Muslim World League.'” A 2007 NYPD report listed the Muslim Students Association as a “radicalization incubator.”
Local clergy and parents of students should be concerned as it appears that there is a very radical left-leaning bias to this group. If we are not careful, ASU could become like Berkley.

Concerned Citizen

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5 Responses to Citizen Concerned That Arkansas State University Catering To Muslim Student Group

  1. Dan Mellton says:

    It is very important that we keep protersting any information that does not make it clear that the basic muslim doctorin does not condem lying in order to promote their doctrin. All 1 needs to understand is to do a little reading to understand that anyone that is not a muslem is not considered to be at peace with their (religion) is not a friend to be peaceful with.

    • This comment I good, but does not go far enough. The actual fact is that Mohammad himself, declared that muslims MUST use diseptive means, to attempt to convince non-believers that islam is a good “religion”. It is in not only the Hadith, but the Koran, as well. It is not the “allowing” of deception, but a command to deceive.

  2. Become like They’d seriously better hope not! This is Arkansas, this is NOT Calipornia. If they are stupid enough to try the asinine garbage here, that they do out in la-la land. This trash will NOT be tolerated, here.

  3. Candy says:

    Thats because the people in Saudi ARabia gave them 20 million

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