Mohammed and Jesus: A Negative Comparison

Fellow kafirs,

The following letter to the editor written by Robert Norvell recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun – Burkasrugly

Jesus never murdered anyone. Jesus never raped a woman. Jesus never had sexual relations with a 9 year old girl. Jesus never taught that a woman was worth half of a man. Jesus never taught that a woman should be stoned. Jesus never lied about his religious agenda. Jesus never practiced sacred deception. Jesus never tortured a person. Jesus never enslaved anyone. Jesus never raided a caravan. Jesus never used military force to convert people to his cause. Jesus never ordered his disciples to assassinate his enemies. Jesus never condoned polygamy. Jesus never believed he had a special dispensation from

God to have unlimited wives. Jesus never taught warfare against other religions. Jesus never beheaded another human being. Jesus never was a military commander.

Mohammed, in fact, did all of these actions which Jesus did not. The proof is in the reading of the trilogy of Islamic sacred literature, better known as the Koran, the Hadiths (the teachings of Mohammed) and the Sira (the life of Mohammed). About 98% of all Americans have never read these works. I challenge everyone to read these works.

The central tenet of the Gospels is that Jesus is the clearest revelation of God the Father. When we see Jesus we see the unlimited love of God for all people, yes, even for Muslims.


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