Memphis Muslim Chronicles 2036 – The Staff Causes Staph

This is another installment of Memphis Muslim Chronicles set in 2036. Everything in this
fictional narrative is based on Sharia Law and Islamic practice.

In about 2005 drug resistant staph infections were making a serious comeback in most
of the hospitals of the then United States. Hospitals across the country installed alcohol
based hand cleaners in every hospital room. Within a few years the incidence of staph
infections began to drop drastically.

Medical educational programs stressed that everyone who came in contact with patients,
whether doctors, nurses, LPNs and even visitors, should use the alcohol based hand cleanser before entering and then leaving a patient’s room. The alcohol hand sanitizer plus latex gloves were 90% effective in stopping the transmission of staph infections between patients.

The most effective germicidal hand cleanser contained at least 67% ethylene alcohol. This protocol drastically reduced infections of all kinds. Better yet it was cheap. Hospitals could purchase the hand sanitizer for less than a dollar per bottle.

However, about 2015 Muslim hospital workers in the United Kingdom began to claim that alcohol in any form was anathema to the dictates of Sharia law. It did not matter whether you drank the alcohol or used just as a disinfectant it was illegal for Muslims. Most Islamic Sharia Councils rendered the opinion that alcohol in any form should not touch any part of the body of a Sharia compliant Muslim.

Starting about 2030 this imbecilic insanity spread to the United States. When the United States finally collapsed in 2034 alcohol based hand sanitizers were outlawed in hospitals. In Memphis gleeful mobs of Allah Akbar screaming Islamic morons descended on every clinic, nursing home, hospital and rehab facility in the city. Using hammers and baseball bats they destroyed every hand sanitizing station they could find. There was no opposition because by this time Muslims represented 40% of all hospital staff. Several bed ridden elderly people in nursing homes were tied to their beds and liberally dosed with alcohol
based hand cleaner solution. Then they were lit by matches and cigarette lighters. Sadistic Muslim savages proceeded to burn the geriatric patients alive. Their screams made the sadistic Muslim fiends laugh maniacally.

So in two short years Memphis medicine reverted back four hundred years. Hospitals once again became pest houses filled with all types of highly contagious diseases. Only the terribly ill would even go near a hospital. In two years of Muslims running the Memphis medical establishment life expectancies had dropped an astounding seven years.

Indeed, the staff was literally causing staph.


When Islam conquers everything changes for the worse !


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