The Betrayal Papers

Blogger Charlie Horse has worked very hard putting this review of the Betrayal Papers, Parts I through VI, together for readers of this blog.  Please read this information carefully as it contains the proof you need to present clear and concise information to your friends who still doubt the Islamic threat we face in America . Please pass this along this information needs to be widely distributed – Burkasrugly

The Betrayal Papers, Parts I through VI, The American Report:

Also: Act for America, Cleveland Ohio Chapter,

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes: Andrea Shea King, Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, Benjamin Smith, Bethany Blankley, Brent Parrish, Charles Ortel, Chris Nethery, Denise Simon, Dick Manasseri, Gary Kubiak, Gates of Vienna, IQ al Rassooli, Jeff Bayard, Leslie Burt, Marcus Kohan, Mary Fanning, General Paul E. Vallely, Regina Thomson, Scott Smith, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Colonel Thomas Snodgrass, Trevor Loudon, Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo.

The Betrayal Papers trace the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in American foreign and domestic policies. The Betrayal Papers is six-part series evidencing Islamic infiltration throughout our American government designed to create a totalitarian, genocidal, global Islamic State.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international political and financial terrorist movement whose goal is to:

· Continue exerting tremendous influence over the American government’s foreign and domestic policies under President Barack Hussein Obama,

· Effectively control American foreign policy, orchestrating and funding violence throughout the Middle East, across North Africa, [throughout Europe and in the U.S.]

· Continues operating through various “civic,” “non-profit” “religious organizations” that are front groups for terrorism and significantly fund “operational costs” to advance Islamic ideology in American institutions like Georgetown University, the Brookings Institution and [Arkansas State University].

America’s economy is weak and struggling; its public and private debt is astronomical, and millions of Americans remain un- and underemployed.

A weaponized IRS targets conservative and Christian organizations and ministers and they, in addition to veterans, are labeled “domestic terrorists” by the Department of Homeland Security.

Not only does the federal government refuse to secure the southern border, it orchestrated bringing in millions of illegal immigrants to implode already bankrupt social services and health care programs.

Barack Obama is intentionally anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and broadly anti-Western. His policies and actions diametrically oppose every principle America was founded on: individual liberties, free speech, religious freedom, free enterprise, and rule of law that promotes justice and preserves peace.

In sum, the world faces its most volatile point since before the outbreak of the Great War, which left unresolved conflict among the former Ottoman Empire and Western rulers open for imminent worldwide carnage.


Part I: Under Obama, The U.S. Captured by the Muslim Brotherhood;


And The Muslim Brotherhood’s Infiltration of the American Government

by Bethany Blankley, March 4, 2015, Western Journalism,

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Infiltration Of The American Government



Part II: In Plain Sight – A National Security “Smoking Gun:”


And by Baron Bodissey, February 25, 2015, The Gates of Vienna, the second essay in a six-part series from the Qatar Awareness Campaign

The Betrayal Papers — Part II of V

At least seven Obama administration appointees have multiple documented associations with Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States.”




Part III: Obama’s Scandals and Assaults on Freedom Explained:


And The Extensive Muslim Brotherhood Network in America, by Bethany Blankley, April 1, 2015, Western Journalism, the third essay in a six-part series from the Qatar Awareness Campaign

The Betrayal Papers Part III: The Extensive Muslim Brotherhood Network In America

From Common Core to Amnesty to purging the U.S. Military of Christians.


Part IV: A New Genocide:


And Obama and Muslim Brotherhood Created and Backed Arab Spring; Responsible for Rise of Genocidal ISIS, Posted by Radio Patriot in American Spirit, March 11, 2015,


Supplemental Article: And The Press Says Nothing


Part V: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?




Part VI: The Chicago Connection


And by Baron Bodissey, April 22, 2015, The Gates of Vienna,


Additional Formats:

Print: PDF File of All Six Parts (Plus Supplemental) – No Cost Download

Book: A Kindle Edition of The Betrayal Papers:$4.99

PowerPoint: A PowerPoint Presentation in PDF Format:

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