Most Muslims Are Better People Than Mohammed

The two seminal figures of Christianity and Islam are Jesus and Mohammed. Most orthodox Christian theology views Jesus as fully man and fully God and thus incapable of sin and wrong doing. Even people who do not accept the divinity of Christ view him as a moral exemplar. Jesus with his emphasis on total love of God and total love of other human beings is the paramount of goodness. At the very least Jesus’ ethic is worth emulation.

All Christians who believe they are saved by the grace of God realize they must spend their lives in an imitation of Christ. Never have I met the first Christian who ever thought he was equal to or better than Jesus Christ.

But Mohammed is far different. To understand Islam you must understand Mohammed. Repeatedly the Islamic trilogy (Koran, Hadith and Sunna) points to Mohammed as the superior man who must be copied and emulated. But what values are Muslims copying?

If one was totally unaware of Islam and read the three sources (the Trilogy) of Islam from a totally neutral standpoint Mohammed would come across as the perfection of a consummate monster. In Islamic sacred literature we read of Mohammed repeatedly buying and selling other human beings as slaves, engaging in holy war (Jihad) to spread the cause of Islam, of ordering the deaths of thousands of innocent people, engaging in rape, theft and deceit, promoting the sexual abuse of girls as young as six, and the brutal mistreatment of women.

And we are supposed to emulate these actions ?

Fortunately, most Muslims do not commit these crimes. The majority of Muslims in the world cannot read Arabic and have never been able to read their sacred literature. This is a good thing. Many Muslims are Muslim in name only. They come from societies that are Islamic, they may go to the mosque a few times a year, but they do not begin to understand the core beliefs of Islam. This too is a good thing.

The real under standers of historic orthodox Islam are groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. They understand Islam perfectly. They realize that Islam requires the practice of Sharia law in all its barbaric depravity. These are the 25% of Muslims who are fanatics and militants.

In the West we think the purpose of all religions is to uplift and ennoble all of humanity. Where ever Islam gets a toehold depravity, tyranny, and brutality soon take root. Thank goodness most Muslims don’t understand their own religion. Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. It is about the raw naked exercise of evil power. Because of this indisputable fact most Muslims are better than their leader and founder, the arch criminal Mohammed.

And for this those of us in the West we can be thankful !

In hoc sign vinces,



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