Burkas Are Islamic Weapon Against American Women

Some politicians (think Hillary Clinton) want to open the floodgates to Muslim immigration even though these immigrants have no intention of assimilating into our culture.  I am appalled at seeing women in Jonesboro, Arkansas or any other American city parading around in burkas. It scares children and looks like something Darth Vader would wear.

They are shoved in our faces in order to intimidate us.  They are in essence saying to us ‘Hey, you American infidel woman, YOU are going to be wearing one of these soon and you will be a Muslim!’

Women who wear burkas remind me of Darth Vader. Burkas are a political tool aimed at scaring American women and children

Women who wear burkas remind me of Darth Vader. Burkas are a political tool aimed at scaring American women and children

But if we allow unfettered Muslim immigration like Europe has we are in big trouble.

Recently, an 85-year-old priest was nearly beheaded by Muslim jihadists in a small village in France while celebrating mass.

In reaction to the horrific slaughter of this priest, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he would be in favor of forcing Muslims who are on the federal government’s terrorism watch list to wear electronic monitoring  bracelets so authorities can track them.  While he was mayor of New York he also put undercover agents in mosques beginning in 1994.

Donald Trump has already indicated that he may name Giuliani as Secretary of Homeland Security. It sounds like a very wise choice to me.  That is, if you want America to be safe from these monsters.

Multiculturalists ignore the problem because they don’t want to be seen as ‘bigots.’

They want to put American lives at risk for their stupid social engineering projects.  These goofballs should be required to take their families to some wonderful multicultural center of excellence like Saudi Arabia, where slavery still exists.

Multiculturalists belittle and shame citizens when they voice legitimate concerns about the violent nature of the Muslim culture. Americans should not be required to be raped, murdered, or beheaded to prove they aren’t bigots.

There are probably a few of these people who legitimately want to get away from their hellhole countries and would take to our culture quickly.  Nevertheless, the safety of Americans should be first and foremost.

Ignoring this very serious problem by pretending it is nothing more than the rantings of a bunch of uneducated country bumpkins is disingenuous. Europeans are protesting by the thousands against massive Muslim immigration because of the extreme violence perpetrated by the immigrants.

Americans are constantly lectured about being tolerant, but we will not tolerate priests being beheaded and women raped en masse.  Hopefully, our representatives will get that through their heads.

This coming legislative year will be the THIRD time that Arkansas legislators – namely Republicans, will put forth an anti-Sharia (evil Islamic law) bill. Each time Democrats have stopped the bill from coming to the floor.  They should be very ashamed that they do not want to protect Arkansas’ women and children from this evil and barbaric threat.

If this makes you mad please call your representative and complain!



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