Go Away, Satan!

Earlier this week French priest Father Jacques Hamel was killed by two teenage Islamic terrorists.  Father Hamel was in the very act of saying the 9:00 a.m. mass when he was killed in his Normandy church.  His very last words reported by his parishioners were “Go away, Satan.”  The 85-year-old priest was too frail to beat off his two attackers had his throat cut in front of the horrified congregation.

Is Islam a Satanic religion?

I would prefer to think of Islam as a demonic possessed religion.  Perhaps the greatest trick Satan, the Father of all lies, has played on humanity is convincing people he really does not exist.  Evil is very real.  Islam, for the most part is a demonic religion.  Just as God has a race of supernatural beings known as angels, Satan has his minions known as demons to mislead humanity to perdition.

Perhaps, Satan’s greatest triumph was to mislead Mohammad.  To understand Islam, one must first understand Mohammad.  Mohammad practiced the evils of murder, mutilation, misogyny, slavery, torture, necrophilia, deceit, theft and subjugation.  His teachings are responsible for at least 80 million deaths spread across the globe.  Mohammad stands diametrically opposed to the teaching of Jesus Christ.  In this sense he is both demon possessed and one of the anti-Christs who currently plague the world.  Mohammad – through the Koran, the Hadiths and the Sunna – has passed down his legacy of hatred and deception to this followers even today.

The attack on Father Hamel was not simply an attack on a priest.  It was an attack upon the whole Christian church.  It was an attack upon Judaism the antecedent faith of Christianity.  It was an attack upon everything good and holy.  It was an attack on every good and decent value espoused by the West.

Fortunately, many Muslims are far better people than Mohammad.  It is with this group we have no quarrel.  Our difference is with those Muslims who seek to impose the barbaric Sharia legal system on the West.  The values of Sharia are antithetical to the values of the West which in turn is grounded in the values taught by Jesus.

The Cardinal who eulogized Father Hamel said, “Evil is a mystery.  It reaches heights of horror that take us out of the human realm into the demonic.”

Father Hamel, thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Meanwhile it is our task to drive these evil monsters back into the hell holes out of which they have slithered.

“Go away, Satan!”






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