2036: St. Jude Hospital

Fellow kafirs,
This is the next installment of Constantine’s series, 2036 – Burkasrugly

In 1962 St. Jude Hospital opened in Memphis.  It’s patron was the Lebanese comedian Danny Thomas.  Years earlier down and out Thomas promised St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, that if he became successful, he would build a hospital in honor of the saint and to the glory of God.

Danny Thomas kept his word.  Originally, he wanted to open a children’s hospital in the South.  But a group of Memphis doctors convinced Mr. Thomas what was really needed was a hospital to treat childhood cancers.  This was the genesis for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Prior to this time a diagnosis of childhood leukemia was a virtual death sentence.  Soon St. Jude Hospital became the single best hospital in the world for the treatment of childhood cancers.  Survival rates soared.

In 1991 Danny Thomas, a man who brought so much good to the world and health to children who were considered hopelessly ill just a few decades earlier, died.  The hospital had a domed crypt built for Danny Thomas.  As you drive east after passing over the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge you can still see the dome of the crypt on your left.

Danny Thomas firmly believed in the Christian ethos of helping the sick. There are tens of thousands of people around the world that are alive today because of the pioneering work of  St. Jude Hospital.

Danny Thomas never turned away any child because of the inability of the family to pay for medical treatment.  That is, until 2034, the year of the Muslim conquest of Memphis.

Yasir Gadhi, the leader of the Memphis Muslim Sharia Council, declared that the policy of free treatment would be continued for all innocent children.  A careful parsing of the imam’s words soon revealed that ‘innocent children’ really meant Muslim children.  The new pecking order was Muslim children were treated free while dhimmi children paid dearly for the privilege of being treated. The dhimmis often had to sell everything they owned to come up with the money to even be admitted to the hospital.  Infidel parents and their sick children were gunned down if they dared to ask for admission to the hospital.

To add injury to insult the bodies of Danny Thomas and his wife were removed in the dead of night and dumped into the Mississippi River.  As the sun rose the following morning people noticed that a crescent moon had been placed on the spire of the domed mausoleum.  The crypt was converted into a mosque for the Muslims who worked at the hospital.

Every vestige of Christianity, all crosses, Christian symbols, and especially portraits of St. Jude were destroyed.  The final insult was the name change of the hospital from St. Jude to Al- Shahid Hospital.

When the dhimmi medical director of the hospital protested he was fired.  His pension was confiscated and donated to the Al-Shahid Hospital.  Three days later he disappeared and he has never been found.

Within a couple of years Sharia had reduced one of the finest hospitals in the nation to a dirty hovel.  Infectious diseases like staph were rampant.  Death was death. It did little good for your child if they could be cured of leukemia, but died of some super resistant form of infection.

The Memphis medical establishment had just met Sharia.  And Sharia won.

This would not be the last clash between modern medicine and Sharia. Far worse was yet to come.

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When Islam conquers, everything changes for the worse.

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2 Responses to 2036: St. Jude Hospital

  1. Alexander A Manz says:

    I can’t send that out because it isn’t true (yet). We have friends at church who have a son who is a physician and is getting a job at St. Jude’s. I was going to warn them, but this is far out.

    Betty >

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