2036: The Brooks Art Gallery

Fellow kafirs,
This is the third installment of the 2036 series that is a fictional, but very possible scenario for the future of Memphis if Islam is not stopped.  It may start out benign, but it always destroys the countries that it takes over.  – Burkasrugly


The Brooks Art Gallery is a venerable Memphis institution. Founded in 1916 the Brooks had an extensive Medieval and Baroque collection of religious paintings. Featured are John the Baptist, any number of paintings of the Holy Family, the Passion of Christ and many artistic renderings of the Old Testament stories. The Brooks introduced many Memphis children to the fine arts. In fact, it was almost de rigueur for Sixth Grade field trips. Once you completed the Brooks Art Gallery tour  it was only a short five block trip to the Memphis Zoo both being located in the expansive Overton Park.

Yasir Gadhi, the head of the Memphis Sharia Council, convened his group of mullahs and imams in the former city council chambers on the second Wednesday in July of 2036. He related to the Council how the infidels of Memphis were dishonoring the Prophet (PBUH) by continuing to allow the prohibited artwork at the Brooks. All the clerics agreed on the following Friday to preach a sermon condemning this flagrant insult to Islam and Mohammed. As Friday prayers ended enraged Muslims by the thousands converged on the Brooks Art Gallery. Brushing aside the two unarmed security guards the angry mob seized Mary Blanchard, the head curator of the art museum. She was dragged screaming to the old entrance of the museum, the one with the four Doric columns. There she was tied to the columns. Yasir Gadhi read the sentence. She deserved death, but since she was a woman Sharia dictated she be flogged with 40 lashes. Gadhi read section W 50:9 from the Reliance of the Traveller about paintings and allowed the sentence to be carried out. Her screams were horrific. The Muslim crowd was yelling “Allahu Akbar” as the whip tore her flesh. About the thirtieth lash mercifully Mary Blanchard passed out. Blood was everywhere. Gadhi would not allow her to be cut down. She must remain tied to the pillar until sundown. She had another seven hours to endure a hot humid Memphis July afternoon with no water. Within an hour hundreds of flies had covered her bloody back laying their eggs in the open oozing scars.

Then the mob ripped out all those wonderful Medieval paintings threw them outside and burned them. In one hour 900 years of irreplaceable art history was erased forever. The mob next descended on the auditorium and ripped out all 600 seats and converted this space into a mosque. For the next hundred years the former Brooks Gallery was known as the Yasir Gadhi Islamic Cultural Center.

Next, the screaming enraged mob marched one block away and attacked the prestigious Memphis College of the Arts. The President had ordered all the staff and students to leave about an hour earlier when the attack on the Brooks started. Courageous, but foolhardy, the President thought he could reason with the mob. The mob never gave him a chance. Since he was a sculptor the crazed mob saw to it he would never sculpt another statue – or as the Muslims called his works of art – idols. First he was seized and bound. Then his arms were chopped off. Next his legs were cut off. Finally, his writhing torso was beheaded. The mob literally ripped his guts out and danced around with their intestine festooned hands chanting “Allahu Akbar”.

Some enterprising Muslim gathered up the body parts and rushed to the Memphis Zoo. The tigers dined well on human flesh that day.

Oh, as an aside, the Memphis Sharia Council confiscated the endowment funds at both institutions and used the money to endow the Yasir Gadhi Islamic Cultural Center after subtracting the obligatory one eighth to fund Jihad.

Memphians were being given a hard lesson in Sharia Law. Finally, at last, most Memphians were beginning to understand the purpose of Sharia. The goal of Sharia was to convert infidels to Islam, to finance the Caliphate through the collection of the Jizya from dhimmis, or to kill every last infidel on the face of earth who refused to convert to Islam.

Woe to the infidel Memphians.

In hoc signo;


P.S. Some how Mary Blanchard survived the massive loss of blood, dehydration and the infection that followed her flogging. Two days after her ordeal she was spirited away by a fledgling resistance group. Rumors said she was in the deep forests of the Ozark Mountains in an area that Muslims did not dare to venture.




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