2036-Islamic Dog Killers

Fellow kafirs,

This is the second installment of a new series by Constantine – Burkasrugly

The city of Memphis was governed by a Sharia Law Council by 2035.  One of the major concerns of the Council was the vast number of dogs in the city.  Some estimated the canine population at over 250,000.  Muslims believe other Muslims can keep dogs for just two reasons.  First, as guard dogs and then, as herding dogs with livestock.  Non-Muslims are not allowed to keep dogs for any reason.  The 57% of Memphians who were infidels were not allowed to have dogs for any reason.

The Sharia Council in an effort to be viewed as moderate first proposed surrendering your dog for a free kitten.  This was actually an ISIS recruiting tool back in 2016. A few Memphians agreed to the swap.  Mostly sick, diseased dogs were turned in for the kittens.  The Sharia Council next decreed that all dogs must be surrendered in the next thirty days.  After that period elapsed the mandatory confiscation of canines began.  Muslims affiliated with ISIS began to search houses door to door.  Since Sharia had eviscerated the U.S. Constitution there were no 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches. Muslims were running rampant over Memphis searching everywhere for dogs.

Most people simply turned their  dogs out of their homes and back yards.  As a result about 200,000 dogs literally took to the streets.  Muslim dog killing squads roamed the streets with AK-47s firing full auto at dogs.  Needless to say lots of Memphians were caught in the crossfire.  The first week of the Islamic campaign to eradicate dogs 37 Memphians were killed and an astounding 297 were wounded by errant gunfire.  All of these people were infidels and their deaths really didn’t matter because they were viewed as filth just like the dogs.

However, the dogs (or one particular dog) shot and killed a Muslim.

Several Muslims in a canine killer squad were trying to load dogs into a specially designed truck to burn dogs alive.  Four Muslim men were trying to herd dogs into the truck.  They had foolishly left their guns on the ground.  One dog placed his paw on the trigger of a fully auto weapon.  Seven rounds hit the jihadi in his lower stomach and chest.  The Muslim died in excruciating agony.

Now more about the special trucks built to quickly eliminate dogs.  Large cages were built on the back of dump trucks.  Infidel dhimmis sprayed gasoline on hundreds of dogs.  Then a lighted match was tossed into the cages.  Have you ever heard a dog scream?  Hundreds of dogs were screaming in utter terror from the pain of being burned alive.  Meanwhile, the Muslims were laughing their asses off at this carnival of carnage.  Infidels – who were considered filth – were required  to remove the dogs who were also viewed as filth.

Still there were many people, particularly the elderly, who would not give up their dogs.  Imam Abu Mohammed Yasir Gadhi, who was the head of the Sharia Council, convened his group of clerics.  Yasir Gadhi proposed that group find a fitting punishment of the owners of dogs.  Gadhi realized that Iran in 2015 had decreed that a person harboring a dog be given 74 lashes and fined $5,000.  Gadhi, who believed Islam should be merciful, reduced the number of lashes to thirty plus a fine of $20,000. If the dog owner was over 60 or in poor health the lashes would be 10 per day spread over 3 days.  Unbelievable numbers of elderly Memphians were ferreted out.  Over a three-day period they were whipped. The Muslims, who were charged with whipping the infirm delighted in their barbarous task.  Dozens of older people died from heart attacks, stroke or infection.  If you didn’t have the $20,000 the number of lashes were tripled.

Meanwhile, thousands of stray dogs infested the city.  Soon vicious packs of large dogs were attacking Muslims often times ripping their throats out. Don’t ask me how, but soon the dogs learned how to target Muslims.  Dead Muslims began to appear all over the city half eaten by starving dogs.  Dogs were often smarter than their Muslim tormentors.  Within two years the dog population of Memphis had doubled.

If you were Muslim and had the misfortune to be killed by a dog you were certain to go to Islamic Hell.  If the dog urinated on your dead face you were really in big trouble.

So dogs unaided by humans carried the war to the Muslims.  A fact that was not wasted on the infidels.

In hoc signo,


P.S.  “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey, and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).”

Bukhari, Volume 1, #490





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