Muslim Refugees Sexually Assault 5-Year-Old In Idaho Falls

Fellow kafirs,

Pamela Geller reports that a little 5-year-old special needs girl was assaulted  earlier this month by some older boys who were Muslim migrants.  Not only did they rape her, they urinated on her body as well as in her mouth.

This is just another reason  – in a long list of reasons – that these savage beasts do not need to set foot on our soil.  They are uncivilized.  And brutal.

Remember that the Obama Department of Justice wants us to shut our mouths and pretend that Islam had nothing to do with this.  We all know that Muslim men are taught that women are virtually worthless and can be mistreated horribly.  And the Muslim men who behave this way toward women are never punished.

Why are the ‘refugees’ invading Twin Falls?

Could it have anything to do with the Chobani yogurt company in Twin Falls and the Kurdish Turk Muslim who owns it, Hamdi Ulukaya?  According to he’s making it a point to hire as many “refugees” as possible; completely altering the composition of what was once a nice little high desert town.

It bears looking in to, but don’t expect the mainstream media to do it.

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