Day Of Wrath

Day of Wrath is the title of a fictional work by Dr. William R. Forstchen.  Perhaps, you have read his book One Second After which is about a fictional, but highly accurate account of an EMP attack on the United States.  Day of Wrath is a 97-page novella about an ISIS attack on five separate schools in the United States.  The coordinated attack takes place about 9:00 a.m. ISIS savages first kill the school police officers and then begin pillaging, killing and raping students.  Most of these sordid actions take place against lightly protected elementary schools.  Muslims (to enhance the shock value) upload scenes to YouTube of young children being beheaded and raped (both little girls and little boys).

As word gets out about the attack, fearful parents rush back to school to pick up their children. Next, ISIS hit squads stationed on highways, overpasses and busy street corners, begin killing parents.  Shot-up cars block busy roads with the result of long lines of stalled traffic.  ISIS killers simply walk the roads slaying people in their cars.

The only school where the death toll is not catastrophic is one in which a teacher carries a concealed semi-automatic pistol.  He is able to kill several of the terrorists before the police arrive.  However, he is threatened by some liberal politicians for having a weapon on school property.

Late in the day a hastily cobbled together force of police, armed parents and National Guard troops are able to kill all of the Islamic terrorists.  The death toll of children, teachers, police and parents is well over a thousand.

Day of Wrath came out in the summer of 2015.  Now a week after the Orlando massacre perhaps people will understand how just one Muslim terrorist can inflict damage on a horrendous scale.  Omar Mateen killed 49 Americans and wounded 53 more.  What if 50 Omar Mateens were coordinating attacks against soft targets? We need to understand that the massacre might be twenty fold as bad.  Meanwhile our Coward-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, does nothing but mouth platitudes.

Day of Wrath functions as a cautionary tale of what will happen in the future unless we as a nation collectively change how we deal with jihad.  The Jihadists hate gays, Jews, Christians, Americans, women, Hindus, Buddhists, and yes, even some Muslims.

Judge Jeanine on her Saturday night show urged Americans to buy and learn how to use firearms.  Remember the old adage “When you need the police in seconds, they are only minutes away.”  We must transform ourselves into a citizen army ready to repel jihadists shortly after they open fire.

Buy a handgun legally.  If your state allows concealed carry, get the training and acquire a permit.  Carry every legal place you are permitted.

The turning point in these Islamic atrocities might just occur when several citizens fire back killing the Jihadists.  Remember, they are after soft targets.  Remember, a no gun zone is the same as a free fire massacre zone.

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