How Do You Lose 130,000 People?

Actually, the German government finds it remarkably simple. In 2015 the German state allowed 1,100,000 Islamic migrants to enter the country. Now a mere 130,000 have disappeared without a trace. From a percentage stand point that is almost 12% of the newly arrived 2015 Muslim migrants.

Let’s do some math. What if only 1% is violent ? That computes to 1,300 Jihadis. Ten Jihadis managed to kill over 180 people in Mumbai. In Paris about 8 killed nearly 140. Why would anyone wish to disappear in generous Germany and forgo their extremely lucrative benefits ? There are only two reasons. First if you are a Muslim you are allowed to steal the infidel’s possessions and claim them for your own. This could even be more lucrative than being on the Germanic dole. But even more sinister are Jihadis who want to kill German infidels. Then there are the sexual terrorists. Islam teaches and urges them to rape every German woman they wish.

Let’s take a more reasonable percentage. What if 20% of the missing 130,000 is a terrorist,
rapist or thief. That is 26,000 Muslims who wish to kill, rape and steal. The German Government by their on admission have no idea where these monsters are located. That is 1,000 terror cells composed of ten Jihadis each with 16,000 thieves and rapists left over. The German police will be overwhelmed.

Islam is at war with the West whether we acknowledge the fact or not. The figure of 26,000 Muslim malefactors let loose on a prosperous and peaceful Germany is beyond our capacity to understand. The potential for carnage and suffering is unlimited.

The Soldiers of Allah have invaded Germany.

In hoc signo vinces;



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