American Feminists Are Subservient To Islam

Fellow kafirs,

It is a historical fact that women in America had to fight for the right to vote and other rights.  No one has denied that, but women can do or be whatever they want in America – and it has been like that for quite some time. It is the law, plus it is our culture. However, there is little to no hope that Islamic countries will change the rules so that women will be equal to men.  If you listen to some of the more radical feminists they would have people believing that women in America are not much better off than Islamic women. That is simply not true! The following video by Wild Bill needs to be viewed by each and every feminist in America – Burkasrugly

Feminists won’t utter a word to CAIR or mention anything negative about the way Islam treats women.  This is partly because they don’t want their head cut off  and partly because they think  – foolishly I might add – that by criticizing Islam they are championing Christianity.  Well, wouldn’t that be terrible (sarcasm)? I guess they would rather defend a religion that allows the systematic rape, torture, and murder of its female adherents instead of embracing a religion that detests this mistreatment of women.  These feminists do not make any sense.

That is a liberal for you – no common sense at all. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Until next time,



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