Liberals Want Americans To Be Slaves Of Islam

Fellow kafirs,

Europe is probably going to be a caliphate in the next 10-15 years because of foolish liberals.  America will be too if we keep refusing to stand up for our JUDEO-CHRISTIAN culture. Be proud of it!  Don’t let anyone try to guilt you into feeling ashamed of our culture by trying to say you are ‘racist’ for pointing out the danger of submitting to that Satanic so-called religion Islam.  They are just using Marxist mind control to shut you down and DON’T fall for it.

Let this video inspire you:

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One Response to Liberals Want Americans To Be Slaves Of Islam

  1. D says:

    The biggest mistake Christians have made is not taking their place in government. Every political and social service position should be held by A Christian. Our Congress and senate at state and federal levels, Education system, teachers and administrators, our Police and Fire Fighters County and city boards should all have Christians in every Position. And they need to be Christians that will act. To many say we will pray about it. If all your going to do is Pray and do not act you, you are helping anyone. Faith without works is dead. You want to stop Islam, Make wearing Burkas illegal with a fine of 10000.00. A state and federal bans on any law that is not US law specifically Sharia law. Any thing Muslim should not be in our schools or education system anywhere. And enforce the laws we have, on flag burning, immigration and more. And if people will not Back and enforce the constitution of these United States they should removed from there position and replaced by someone that will.

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