Trump TV Ad Should Scare Jihadists

To all jihadists who want to harm Americans:
There will be a new president in one year.  Whether it is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or another Republican, you can be sure that you won’t be treated with kid gloves like the fawning wimp who sits in the Oval Office now treats you.  And do you know what?  No matter who is the president, the American people will NEVER accept you.  We are sick of CAIR whining about how bad Muslims are treated. Americans will never accept your death cult. We are a Christian country. Period.  Enjoy Trump’s first TV ad.  It is refreshing to see that he doesn’t use one tiny bit of political correctness. May he only become a harsher critic of jihad, ISIS, etc.

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2 Responses to Trump TV Ad Should Scare Jihadists

  1. B. Manz says:

    I’m not getting anything from Act for America any more. Are they still in business? They used to send out emails every week. Thanks.

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