Jesus VS Mohammed

Fellow kafirs,
The following letter to the editor by Robert Norvell appeared in the Jonesboro Sun yesterday. Robert is the chapter leader of the local ACT! for America chapter – Burkasrugly

The surest way to evaluate any religion is to look at the teachings of the original  founders. In the case of Islam and Christianity we must consider the teachings of Mohammed and Jesus. The teachings of Mohammed are preserved for us in the Koran, the Sunna (the life of Mohammed) and the Hadiths (the teachings and examples from Mohammed’s life). And the teachings of Jesus are preserved for us in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). All of my remarks listed below are derived from these sources.

Jesus never murdered anyone. According to the Koran Mohammed in one afternoon had over 800 Jewish men beheaded.

Jesus never raped a woman. In the Islamic trilogy of Koran, Sunna and Hadith we are told of at least several times Mohammed raped women who were taken captive in Islamic war or Jihad.

Jesus valued women and treated them as equals. Mohammed taught that the testimony of a woman in court was worth half that of a man. Under Islamic inheritance laws  a female could only inherit half as much as a man. A female cannot even venture outside the home unless accompanied by a male relative. Women were considered to be the chief inhabitants of Islamic Hell.

Jesus never had a slave nor condoned the practice of slavery. Mohammed had many slaves and taught that all infidels captured in Jihad were to be the slaves of Muslims. Mohammed believed that Muslim men could have unlimited sexual slaves. He had numerous such slaves in his life.

Jesus never was a military commander. Instead he viewed himself as the Prince of Peace. The Reliance of the Traveler: Classic Manual of Islamic Law reports that Mohammed personally led or planned 74 military expeditions against his enemies. These military campaigns resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Jesus taught that marriage was to be a life long relationship between one man and one woman. Muslims were allowed to have up to four wives at any time. Divorce was the sole prerogative of the Muslim man. Divorce was initiated and finished by the Muslim man saying “I divorce you” three times. Mohammed taught that he had a special dispensation from Allah to have all the wives he desired. During his life time he had at least 11 wives plus numerous sex slaves. His youngest wife Aisha was six years old when Mohammed married her. He was about fifty. Mohammed in our country would be convicted of pedophilia and sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Jesus never taught the fighting of adherents of other religions. Instead the conversion tactic of Jesus was persuasive love.  Mohammed believed non-Muslims should be forcefully converted to Islam or else be killed brutally to please his God, Allah.

Jesus never tortured anyone. Jesus suffered torture by being flogged and then crucified upon a cross. Dying he asked his Father to forgive his executioners with his very last breath. One could literally track the progress of Mohammed’s armies throughout Arabia by the trail of mutilated corpses, severed heads and amputated arms and legs.

Jesus taught that God of Christianity loved all the people of world. Humanity was considered to be the children of a loving heavenly Father. Mohammed taught the superiority of Muslims over non-Muslims. The relationship of Muslims to Allah was the relationship of slaves to their Master. Allah is delighted with the deaths of infidels.

Both Islam and Christianity had revered founders. Muslims believe and teach that the prophet Mohammed is the perfect man whose every action must be emulated by all Muslims. Christians believe that they should follow the teachings of Jesus as best they can and trust in the grace of God in the aspects of their lives in which they fail.

The question is who would you rather follow Mohammed or Jesus. Choose carefully.

Robert Norvell


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