Tom Cotton: A Man With True Grit

Senator Tom Cotton was one-year-old when the Ayatollah Khomeini and his Islamic thugs seized hostages from the United States’ embassy in Tehran.  The Khomeini gangsters –  against all the rules of international law – invaded sovereign U.S. territory and captured our diplomatic personnel.

Tom Cotton and the rest of us have lived under 36 years of Islamic deceit, treachery, and murder.  Iran is the largest state sponsor of international terrorism.  Iran’s tentacles control Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and numerous other Islamic terrorist groups.

Saturday night I had the distinct honor of hearing U.S. Senator Tom Cotton speak at the Lawrence-Randolph County Lincoln Day Dinner. Tom Cotton is the youngest Senator in the U.S. Senate.  He is 37-years-old.

Tom was born on an Arkansas cattle farm in Yell County near Dardanelle, Arkansas.  You may recall Mattie Ross, the heroine of the novel True Grit, also lived in Yell County near Dardanelle.

Tom went to Harvard (quite an accomplishment for an Arkansas boy). He got his law degree from the same university.  Then, in 2005 he joined the Army as an enlisted man.  This alone speaks volumes about the integrity of the man.  With J.D. after his name Tom Cotton could have been commissioned as a Captain in the Judge Advocate General Corp.  Instead, he progressed through the ranks earning the coveted Parachutist Badge and the Ranger Tab.  Tom served two tours of combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He attended Officers’ Candidate School and received a commission in the U.S. Army.

After leaving the military he served his state in the U.S. House of Representatives. And then in a landslide victory in 2014 Tom Cotton won a Senatorial seat.

Tom Cotton spoke about why he was unequivocally opposed to Obama’s Iranian nuclear treaty.

  1. Iran has consistently lied and broken international agreements since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
  2. In this deal Iran gets everything and we get nothing.
  3. Iran gets at least 100 billion dollars which will be used to fund Iran’s extensive terror network.
  4. The deal throws our strongest ally in the region, Israel, under the bus.  Israel may not survive the Iranian nuclear treaty.
  5. Iran refuses to let us or any of our allies inspect their atomic weapon facilities.  They will inspect their own plants and “truthfully” report back to us.
  6. They have 24 days prior notice before any inspection can take place.  A lot of bomb making material can be shuffled around in that time period.

Tom Cotton is the rare politician who has a moral compass that lets him see the world with an honest clarity.  As long as we have people of the quality of Tom Cotton this grand, old Republic still has a fighting chance.  It’s always great to have a man with true grit on your side.




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