The Ramadan Rampage Of Rage

Last week we had four ISIS inspired terror attacks in a single day. In France a man was savagely beheaded by a blood thirsty jihadi who proceeded to wound at least 12 other people. In Tunisia there was the beachfront attack where 38 people were killed and about as many wounded. Carried out by a sole jihadi who was landed on the beach by some of his deranged co-religionists. In Kuwait ISIS followers detonated bombs in a mosque killing 25 Muslims (Evidently they weren’t Muslim enough for the murder cult called ISIS). Then in the area around Kobane ISIS struck and killed 130 Muslims (presumably). Again, their Islamic pedigree didn’t suit ISIS.

The total dead for one day of terror was 194 with no telling how many suffering wounds
that were not immediately fatal, but perhaps with the result of life long incapacity. Would someone please tell President Obama we are engaged in a brutal horrific war with these Islamic monsters. (We have all heard the fiction that ISIS is not Islamic. Would someone tell our mentally deficient President that ISIS stand for the ISLAMIC State in Iraq and Sham.)

ISIS sends out 20,000 to as many as 40,000 social media messages per day urging its sympathizers around the world to attack infidels in any possible way open to them. Thus we have attacks with hammers, knives, machetes, cars and guns upon the infidels (Translation: People like you.)

The FBI was so alarmed they arrested 30 jihadis before they could attack on the Fourth of July weekend. The Islamic chatter reached an all time high in the last two weeks. Prompting the FBI to issue an unprecedented terror alert for the week.

The ISIS message to the Islamic psychopaths of the world was to kill the non believers in any way possible by July 17 the end of Ramadan. Islam is the only religion in the world that celebrates its holy season by an orgy of mindless, brutal killing.

Our idiot President needs to end these pin prick air attacks on ISIS. Instead we need to launch a massive air campaign on these ISIS monsters. Remember the photos of the various ISIS celebration parades that inevitably occur after one of their blood soaked victories. What would that look like if 100 fighters, drones and bombers flocked on this parade of sadistic monsters? Remember the Highway of Death from the first Gulf War ? We need to recreate that scene dozens of times for the ISIS movement. There is nothing
like death from a distance to dampen their enthusiasm for the Caliphate. Sometimes massive use of explosives changes everything.

In hoc signo vinces,



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