Americans Cling To Free Speech Despite Muslim Bullying

Fellow kafirs,

In addition to “clinging to their guns and religion” freedom-loving Americans are clinging to their Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech, despite terroristic threats from radical Muslims.  The 200-plus people who attended Pamela Geller’s pro-American, pro-free speech, anti-jihad event knew that it wouldn’t be popular with jihadis who hate free speech. Like typical Americans of yesteryear, they didn’t let the bullies intimidate them.  Looks like the jihadists wasted their time. The following video by Bill Whittle is a tribute to free speech…with no ‘buts.’

At the 3:44 point, Mr. Whittle makes a very astute observation about the foiled Texas terrorist attack. He says: “These radical Muslims smell the fear coming out of these New York skyscrapers and thought that that stench covered the entire country. Two of them discovered that in parts of Texas, anyway, the air is still fit to breathe.”

“The future belongs to those who tell the truth about the Prophet” Burkasrugly


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