Urgent Arkansas Action Alert: Please Contact Your Senator; Urge Them To Vote For America Laws For American Courts

Dear patriots,

As you may know, Senator John Cooper and Representative Brandt Smith have been working tirelessly to get HB1474 – the American Laws for American Courts bill – through committee.  It will go to the Senate floor for a vote on Monday. We need your help to make this happen. It is absolutely crucial that you email all the Republican senators (their emails are at the end of this blog) and urge them to please support HB1474 –  American Laws for American Courts. It is very important that you also call and ask them to give a message your senator.

The message service number for the Senators is: 501-682-6107. It will re-open at 8:oo am Monday morning. Calls need to be made prior to 11:00 am. Monday morning.The vote could come any time after that.

If John Cooper is your senator we already know he is for the bill, so choose another senator to leave the message for. If they say that person is not your senator, just say, yes, but what he or she votes for affects the entire state. Please remember to be courteous. We need to bombard them with emails and phone calls so that they will hear us loud and clear! We suggest that you put something like “Please support American Laws for American Courts” in your subject line.

Here is a sample letter that you can use or you can write your own:

Dear Senator ()

I am respectfully asking that you please support HB1474, American Laws for America Courts (ALAC). As the US gets more people immigrating here from all over the world, often these immigrants want to use the law systems from their country of origin. In many cases, these systems are not friendly to women and children. It would not be a good thing for foreign laws to be permitted into our society. Everyone who lives in Arkansas should live under the same set of laws – the US Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution. ALAC has already passed in several states including Tennessee, Kansas, Arizona, and Louisiana. Several other states are considering it.


(Your name and town)

Arkansas Republican Senators’ email addresses:



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