Action Alert: Please Urge Arkansas Lawmakers To Pass ALAC

Fellow kafirs,

This is the last chance for us to get American Laws for American Courts through the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is urgent that you call and email these two senators below. Remember to be courteous when you call and/or write. I will place a sample letter at the end of this email that you can use as a guide.

We can advance the American Laws for American Courts bill out of committee and
to the Senate floor if one of the two Democratic Senators – David Burnett or David Johnson – will vote YES for
HB 1474. Here are their e-mail addresses:

Whether you call or email please be respectful and polite.

We need to send a lot of emails and make a lot of phone calls
in the next few days.

David Burnett’s phone number is 870-563-5667

David Johnson’s phone number is 501-682-6107

Thank you for your efforts.

Sample email:

Dear Senator,

I urge you to support HB1474, Arkansas’ American Laws for American Courts bill. This important piece of legislation has already passed in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida and North Carolina.

Further, I ask that you do what you can to move this bill through the legislative process and to the Senate floor for a vote.

HB1474 is tremendously important to all Arkansas citizens, as it protects their constitutional rights from the incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, if those laws infringe upon their state or federal fundamental constitutional rights.

No individual foreign law is singled out.

We must maintain the authority of the Arkansas and U.S. Constitutions.

As a resident of Arkansas and as a voter, this bill is of the utmost importance to me!

Thank you again for your leadership on this vital matter.


(Your name and city)


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