Christian Arrested While Reciting Lord’s Prayer To Muslims

Fellow kafirs,

Where were the other Christians who should have been backing her up?  Just wait until they want to come to the Arkansas state capitol and want to stick their rears up in the air to pray to Allah, aka Satan.  It WILL happen if people allow it.  The police took this woman away for merely trying to recite the Lord’s prayer. I have more to say, but watch the video first:

As Freedom Outpost reports:

As Muslims were gathered inside the Oklahoma state capitol and were praying loudly, a brave Christian interrupted their prayer with the Lord’s Prayer – the Our Father.  That’s the good news.  The bad news?  Police threw her out and allowed the Muslims to continue praying.

Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett is one of the very few politicians who will speak openly about the threat of Islam. During the event that was interrupted by the ‘Our Father’, it was Bennett who passed out Bibles and fliers which included questions like:

“Will you denounce the terrorist organization Hamas?”

Bennett had been chastised for making comments critical of Islam on social media warning people to be wary of Muslim Americans.

Bennett, who served in the U.S. Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he has heard from people all over the world supporting his position.

According to Tulsa World, last September Bennett met with Republican constituents in Sallisaw and made a lengthy presentation that included videos made within U.S. mosques, Bennett outlined a history of the Islamic faith and his views that Islam is a sociopolitical movement intent upon destruction of Western civilization and world domination.

“Their goal is the destruction of Western civilization from within,” he said.

“This is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.

“The media is playing right into their hands,” he said.

“We need to share his (Jesus’) story, love others and stand for freedom,” he said to loud applause.

“I love each and every one of them, but I’m not going to stand back and let them push Islam into our nation.”

As for the woman who began praying the ‘Our Father’, it appears to be the same woman who interrupted Texas Muslims at the Capitol Day last month:

She appears to also be the woman who protested at the National Cathedral when our so-called leaders let these blasphemers into the CHRISTIAN national cathedral. Idiots!  Do they not know that the Muslims now consider this cathedral to be a Muslim mosque?  Yes, that is how supremacist Islam works!  Open up the Koran and study it people!!

Also, don’t mess with Texas! A Texas state representative named Molly White put an Israeli flag on her desk and asked all Muslims who came to her office that day to pledge loyalty to the United States.  A firestorm of criticism erupted and even the Texas State Speaker threw Rep. White under the bus.  Even with all of that heavy tide against her, she did not back down, and instead released the following YouTube video a few days later:

How about you?  Will you sit idly by when (and we know it is WHEN, not IF) the Muslims invade the Arkansas state house?

What else can you do?  Join ACT! for America.  Write letters and make phone calls to your representatives.  GET INVOLVED.  As the president and founder of ACT! for America says, if everyone does just a little, together we can do a lot.

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