Guliani Spanks Obama On Islamic Terrorism

Fellow kafirs,

This is the same guy who, as mayor of New York during the treacherous muslim attack on 9-11, refused to accept a $10 million donation from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal after the prince suggested that U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the attack.  We liked Rudy then, and we like him now.  Watch him absolutely go off on Obama’s handling of escalating Islamic terrorism and the Iranian nuclear talks. Rudy says what we want ALL Republicans to be saying.  Stop the Politically Correct nonsense Republicans!!! Get a spine like Rudy!! Burkasrugly

Note: This powerful speech was delivered at the Iranian-American Community symposium “Countering Islamic Fundamentalism, and a Nuclear-Armed Iran,” February 13, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Part 1 –

We applaud Rudy for having the courage to make a speech like this!  At about the 10:55 mark in Part 1, Rudy has been talking about how crazy the Iranian mullahs are and how they are on the verge of getting a nuke. He says:  “And we are upset that Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to come here to defend his country????” THANK YOU Rudy for saying the absolute truth!!!!

Part 2 –

Please, call your senator and representative and ask them if they are going to attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress.  You can find your representative HERE and your senator HERE.

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