The Al Khansa Brigade

Fellow kafirs,

Constantine has written about a disturbing trend.  Muslim women are being programmed by ISIS to be mindless Islamic/Satanic robots who torture other females.  Only Satan could be at the core of this so-called religion.  No god would sanction these horrors – Burkasrugly

The ISIS Al Khansa Brigade is unique in several aspects. First of all it is composed of all females. Secondly, it is a type of religious police commonly found in strict Sharia believing Islamic countries. Their function is to make sure all the odious rules of Sharia are obeyed by Muslim and non-Muslims.

But the Christian Post reports a third macabre distinction. In the territory of ISIS all women (again Muslim and non-Muslim) are required to wear the niqab. The niqab covers a woman head to toe in a heavy black shroud. Only a slit for the eyes is left open.

The Al Khansa Brigade recently rounded up 15 women who were not wearing the niqab and punished them severely for not wearing Islamic dress.

The punishment was having acid poured over their faces. The female religious police of the Al Khansa Brigade did the pouring and the restraining of their sisters.

Victim of a Muslim acid attack

Victim of a Muslim acid attack

In most Sharia governed Islamic countries 99% of the acid throwing attacks are carried out by men against women. Usually they are the result of some trumped up honor issues so prevalent in the Muslim world. What is unique to ISIS is that women are inflicting this horrendous act upon other females.

Women have their eyes blinded, faces melted, ears, eyebrows, lips and noses burn off by the highly caustic acid. What kind of woman inflicts this type of pain and disfigurement on their own sex. Apparently, the ISIS kind of woman does.

When Mosul was conquered last year, the self appointed Caliph and top dog,al-Bagdhadi, ordered all females between age 9 and 47 to undergo female genital mutilation. This order was carried out by his willing henchwomen of the Al Khansa Brigade who performed this barbaric mutilation on all Yazidi, Christian and Muslim women.

Not to fear, as our all knowing President has told us repeatedly ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has nothing to do with Islam.

That really gives me peace of mind.

Meanwhile, Sharia continues to extend its sinister shadow in Europe, Canada, and, yes, the
United States of America.

In hoc signo vinces,



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