Does Islam Already Rule Over America?

Fellow Kaffirs,

Are we censoring our speech so much that we have done the dirty work of Islam? Burkasrugly

Voltaire once said ‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.’
Under the Sharia (Islamic law) Islam cannot be criticized. Sharia and Islam cannot be separated, so if one criticizes death by stoning or beheadings then they have committed an unpardonable sin. In other words Sharia doesn’t allow someone to protest its brutal punishments because that may lead to that person being brutally punished. An ingenious system for tyrants, right?
This is one reason why Western governments have turned to jellyfish. After all, Islam means ‘submission.’ The West is now aiding in its own demise by self-censoring. Most are like zombies and repeat the mantra ‘Islam is the religion of peace.’
This submission heralds the death of a free society. When we get to the point where an idea is placed beyond criticism its adherents are free to exercise their will on the rest of the world without any pushback.
America has been more than fair, allowing mosque after mosque to be built in our land, financed by Saudi Arabia (remember most of the 9-11 hijackers were wealthy Saudis, not poor, angry illiterates). They won’t reciprocate and allow even one Christian church to be built in their country, though. However, they do allow public beheadings. Gee, and I thought football was violent.
According to an ABC News poll, 83 percent of Americans say they are Christians. It would be fair to say, then, that America is a Christian nation. We are a kind and giving people, and our defense of individual human rights is a cornerstone of our culture. Sharia punishments like beheadings are what our founders called ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’
Obviously, not all Muslims support terrorism, and we shouldn’t needlessly alienate or insult them. However, our leaders need to refrain from calling Americans ‘Islamaphobes’ for simply pointing out the obvious – that the world is being turned upside down by Islamic terrorists.
According to the Mapping Sharia in America Project, 75 percent of the mosques and Islamic schools in America are hotbeds of anti-Western extremism. Under politically correct theology (and Sharia) we are not allowed to talk about these findings. To do so would be ‘Islamaphobic.’

Voltaire was right.

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