Canadian Imams Call For Death To Those Who Criticize Mohammed

Fellow Kaffirs,

Apparently, the government of Canada is ok with these hate preachers spewing their poison in the (supposedly) free country of Canada.  You can bet your bottom dollar they are vomiting the same putrid vitriol in American mosques.  Are we all supposed to sit around and lick the boots of these savages?  Are we supposed to allow them to dictate to us that our country is supposed to become an Islamic state?  HECK NO!!!  The people need to be woken up. Our representatives need to be BOMBARDED with demands to stop the influx of Muslims.  Seventh century savagery can’t be reconciled to a civilized world. Obama is bringing them here in droves.  Their culture and ours clash and can’t ‘coexist’ as the hippies like to believe. Please send this to at least one loony liberal friend – Burkasrugly

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