Republican Official Refuses To Apologize To CAIR

Fellow Kaffirs,

This guy has proven he has a backbone….and Republican RINOs need to follow  his lead.  Check this out from Bare Naked Islam (BNI):

Star Tribune Jack Whitley, chairman of the Big Stone County Republican Party, has no apology for a series of inflammatory posts on his personal Facebook page — remarks state GOP officials have condemned as “outrageous.”

CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial.  It was the largest terrorism financing trial in American history.  Why, pray tell, does ANYONE give them legitimacy by bowing and scraping and apologizing for truth???

“Muslims are terrorists. They don’t belong in this country,” Whitley told the Star Tribune Thursday. “Their attitude and their agenda don’t belong in this country. They cause terror and discontent, total chaos everywhere they are.”(We can’t disagree with that)

Here is a short news clip about the brouhaha:

Check out the FaceBook post that started it all:


The Minnesota Republican Party rejected Whitley’s statements:

“I condemn the outrageous comments posted on Mr. Whitley’s Facebook page,” Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey said in a statement Thursday. “They could not be further from the Republican Party’s beliefs, nor more contrary to the efforts we have undertaken to include Muslim Americans, and every American, in our Party. We recently moved our office into the heart of Minneapolis, were proud to endorse our first Somali-American candidate for the state legislature, and have worked hard to welcome the fine Americans from these communities into our Party.”

“I have no desire to hold hands and play pattycake with these people,” Whitley told the Star Tribune. “It’s pointless. They don’t understand peace…They understand one thing, and that’s aggressive force.” That, he said, includes any American Muslims who do not “stand up and deal with the aggression and terrorist activities within their own ideology.”

This post, first spotted by the Bluestem Prairie blog, brought protests from the Muslim Brotherhood front group and designated terrorist organization, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

“It’s very disturbing to see a Republican Party leader engage in outright bigotry and hate,” CAIR-Minnesota executive director Lori Saroya said in a statement. “These broad-brush smears of the entire Muslim community remind us of similar smears against Catholics, Jews and others in the past.” (Really??? Muslims are the main group that fuels hatred of Jews!)

He did not back down.  See what else he wrote in a new blog:


Remember that Muslims will try to use our First Amendment rights against us.  Telling the truth is not ‘hate speech.’
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