Condell To Muslims: We Don’t Care If You Are Offended

Fellow Kaffirs,

Once again Pat Condell says what is on his mind…and what is on the mind of many citizens – Burkasrugly

To reiterate….we don’t give a flip if Muslims are offended.  WE are offended by their killing, maiming, beheadings, bombings, etc.  This country will NEVER become Muslim.  Muslims may think they are winning on getting this country to become a Muslim hellhole. But, they have forgotten several things…there are MILLIONS of people who are Christians…not the fake, wimpy kind, but the real deal.  Another thing is that the bloom is off the rose. The more Muslims murder, maim, etc., ad nauseum, the more they tarnish what image they might have had.  And, finally, there are tons of old-fashioned patriots in America. There are a few that are still slumbering, but they are rousing up.

Yes, the Islamic savages just need to keep it up….they are doing all the PR work for us.  The world sees Islamic evil at work in the world….there is no denying it.  There is NO justification for beheading someone.

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2 Responses to Condell To Muslims: We Don’t Care If You Are Offended

  1. John Doeman says:

    Condell is a first rate islamaphobe.
    He should be killing and dying in the middle east.

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