The Islamic Caliphate Equals A Violent Utopian Nightmare

Fellow Kaffirs,

ACT! for America chapter leader, Robert Norvell, has penned a very eye-opening article that recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun as a letter to the editor.  Please pass on to your friends – Burkasrugly

Since the beginning of time people have dreamed of a perfect society. Those of us who have been on the planet for a while realize the utter folly of a utopian society. If you accept the premise that the human race is extremely flawed the pipe dream of utopia vanishes.

Most utopian movements are relatively innocuous. It is only when you marry a violent ideology to the quest for perfection that deadly repercussions occur. Unfortunately, at least three such movements have arisen since 1917. All three movements believed that if you eliminated a certain class of human beings utopia would materialize out of the mist of human history. The consequences have proven to be horrific !

First, there was the advent of Marxism (Communism). The central tenet of communism was that the capitalists exploited the working class. So purges have always been the hallmark of communist societies. Kill the capitalists, the peasants who refuse to collectivize, the so-called counter-revolutionaries and anyone else who stood in the way of the workers’ paradise (utopia). Expediency become more important than principle. Between the Soviet Union and Red China over 80 million human beings were sacrificed on
the altar of the Worker’s Paradise. Now Communism is dead, but God still lives. Millions were hideously tortured and killed. Thank God (literally) that Communism is now on the garbage heap of history.

The next utopian society to emerge was Fascism. Although Italy, Japan and Germany were fascist states. It was Nazi Germany that set the evil standard of what tyrannies could really become. Hitler boasted that his Third Reich (utopia again) would last a thousand years. In reality it lasted a mere twelve years. Connect with this vision of the Third Reich was the concept of the Master Race. If only social undesirables (the weak, the retarded, the Slavs, the Poles, the Russians, the Gypsies and especially the Jews) could be eliminated a
purified Aryan people would be the Nazi ideal of the Third Reich. Forty million people perished in World War II. Half of them were innocent civilians. At least six million Jews died in the death camps victims of starvation, bullets and finally assembly line death by cyanide gas. Hitler’s delusional dream ended with a bullet to his own brain in the Fuhrer bunker deep beneath Berlin in the closing days of the war. If Hitler had just committed suicide twelve years earlier he would have spared the world untold suffering and

The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn. Now seventy years later, we are facing history’s most frightening utopian scheme, the Caliphate. Political Islam is bent on world domination. Violence induced conversion is their methodology. Subjugation and elimination of all other religious faiths is their aim. The adoption of full strength Sharia law is their goal. Sharia is a barbaric 7th Century legal code that allows the killing of apostates, homosexuals, women, Christians, Jews and others opposed to the absolute rule of Islam by stoning, decapitation, crucifixion, mutilation and hanging. It is only when Allah (the 7th Century moon-god of Arabia) is recognized by Muslim and Kafirs (unbelievers) alike, when Sharia is fully implemented for Muslim and Kafirs alike, that we will arrive at the pure Age of Islam, utopia, at last. ISIS, al-Qaeda and their fellow travelers
envision a world in which all infidels have been put to death. This is the Muslim view of Utopia.

Emil Brunner, a great Christian thinker of the mid 20th Century, once quipped, “Every time man tries to create a heaven on earth, he ends up by creating hell on earth.” This is a warning in regards to the unmitigated evil of militant, extremist, political Islam. Do not ignore this peril.

Robert Norvell


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2 Responses to The Islamic Caliphate Equals A Violent Utopian Nightmare

  1. angryinfidel says:

    Robert has penned an outstanding article, here. I’d like to send this article to our local newspaper. May I get permission to do so?

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