You Can’ t Fix Stupid

Fellow Kafirs,

Robert Norvell, chapter leader for ACT for America Jonesboro, penned this letter to the editor that was published in the Jonesboro Sun recently.  It is well worth your time to read it – Burkasrugly

In 1955 I remember as an elementary student receiving the new polio vaccine. The vaccine was developed by Dr. Jonas Salk. Dr. Salk was a brilliant medical researcher who just happened to be Jewish. In the 1950s polio was the scourge of both parents and children.
I had a good friend who contracted polio. As a result one of his legs was two inches shorter than the other. He had to wear a built up shoe to compensate. However, he was lucky compared to others who experienced the ravages of polio. Some kids had to live in an iron lung that literally breathed for them.

But the good Dr. Salk changed all that. By 1960 an oral vaccine had been developed. A few drops of the vaccine was placed on a sugar cube. Three of these treatments over a period of several months gave life long immunity from the horrid ravages of this disease. Most doctors today under fifty have never seen a case of polio. Thank God for the pioneering work of Dr. Salk. Millions of children in the last 54 years have been spared death and suffering from this disease.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are the only remaining countries in the world where polio has not been eradicated. In addition these three countries have something else in common. All three have active Muslim extremist groups that are determined to impose Sharia law on their respective nations. These radicals are doing everything they can to stop the free administration of the oral polio vaccine. This includes the killing of the people who are polio immunization workers. Since December of 2012 over 30 workers have been killed in these three countries by mad dog Islamic terrorists. Most educated Muslim doctors and health care workers to their everlasting credit have opposed these bloodthirsty fanatics.

These rabid dogs straight out of the Dark Ages have told the common people that the polio vaccine causes sterility, AIDS, sexual dysfunction and other terrible conditions. These lies have been somewhat successful in instilling fear in the populace, but not entirely. So the Muslim terrorists have resorted to  killing the workers who go house to house vaccinating children free of charge.

What saddens me is there a simple, painless solution that can save millions of children from the horrors  of polio. These Muslim murderers have a real inferiority toward the Western world. After all, it was a Jew who liberated the world from polio. Instead of welcoming this life saving scientific advance, these fanatics are determined that little children will remain mired in disease and ignorance.

Radical Islam is an inherently irrational political ideology. It cares for nothing but the brutality of a 7th Century legal code called Sharia. ISIS is the worst of the worst in terms of cruelty. Meanwhile, countless generations  of the unborn are doomed to suffer from a wholly preventable disease, polio.

A friend of mine has a crude, but totally true axiom, “You can’t fix stupid !” When I see helpless, innocent children of any race and religion suffering from a preventable, life threatening disease, my blood boils.

Robert Norvell

ACT Chapter leader


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