Well, We Tried

Fellow Kafirs,

The following blog is from an ACT for America member in the greater Oklahoma City area….the same area where a Muslim fanatic beheaded a poor, innocent woman and nearly beheaded another one on Thursday. His frustration about hitting a brick wall when trying to warn people about radical Islam is the gist of his blog. We feel the same way – Burkasrulgy


We tried to warn you. We provided means, organization and resources. Some of you recommended that I not even get involved. Now look at what we have in my own back yard here in Moore, OK:


Please do not dismiss this simply as the action of a crazy person. That he was, at least momentarily. Yes, he probably had poor impulse control as a person. But this is how general conflicts–throughout history–have many times begun. The fragile kernels most likely to pop go first: there is something that is not completely accidental about this aspect of war or popping popcorn. Listen the next time that you pop popcorn. Do you detect the pattern of stochastic aperiodicity but increasing frequency?

Please pray and please consider how you may have been indolent and apathetic in not wanting to consider this serious topic because it is unpleasant. Were 9/11, shoe bombers, Boston Bombers, Maj. Nidal Hasan, and numerous other sad stories not enough to wake you up?

Do you still believe that absolutely ridiculous idea that any old “ill-defined, whatever-kind-of diversity is a strength?” Our society is coming apart. A Black Mass is held last week in OKC, Islamic flare ups are happening all over the world, and–now–this. Is it close enough for you? I heard the emergency vehicles scream by me on the highway. I had no idea what was going on but I knew something serious was up. Please, read a history of Islam. I recommend a primer by Dr. Bill Warner found at his website. Dump all that stupid junk and all of the unbalanced ideas that have been drummed into you about the Crusades, Queen Isabella, Christianity and the like. The twisted stories are usually from people with axes to grind and an agenda to create animosity towards Western Civilization and Christianity in general–or Catholicism in particular.

We have been under-reproducing and learning to hate ourselves in our schools, our churches and from the corruption of the media and entertainment. It is time to stop this madness. Western Christianity has brought more peace, social and technical advancement, as well as the general improvement of the human spiritual and physical condition than any other sect or tribe in history–bar none. Be proud of it. I am.

Read about the Battles of Lepanto, Tours or the Gates of Vienna and how the West has had to mightily defend its cause and its people.

Which view was better? America circa 1954, despite some problems to be sure, or America and the world 2014? No, we can’t or would not want to “go back.” That is silly. But there really is a much better way ahead than simply letting this crop of politicians, professors, entertainers, journalists and bureaucrats take us into a living hell.

Yours in the peace of Christ,

Thomas Scott Ward


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2 Responses to Well, We Tried

  1. Chet13 says:

    Well, let’s see. First, am forced to agree the idiot WAS a Muslim, and that he had been trying to convert others where he worked to Islam. But, seems the Muslim part had nothing to do with the beheading. He had just gotten canned, so left the main office and went down to the working area so he could ” Get his EVENS.” Idiots are idiots, no matter what religion they claim. At least he didn’t come in with an AR-15 and wipe out the whole work force.

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