Islamic Beheading Comes To America’s Heartland

Fellow Kafirs

We knew it was bound to happen sometime.  Someone would be viciously butchered in the most horrific way by a Muslim.  It has begun…a woman was beheaded in Oklahoma, yesterday, and, yes, Islam has everything to do with it!!  Megan Kelley reports that the alleged perpetrator was yelling Islamic phrases while in the midst of beheading his victim:

This is just the beginning…more beheadings are sure to follow.  And you know what?  This could happen in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

I don’t think the media will be able to spin this one into ‘workplace violence.’  It simply won’t fly with the average American citizen.  Muslims who do these types of horrific things are just proving that they should not be allowed to live in civilized society.

According to The New York Post, the perpetrator had previously tried to convert co-workers to Islam.  Can we say “lead balloon”????

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2 Responses to Islamic Beheading Comes To America’s Heartland

  1. Chet13 says:

    How about someone highly POed because he just got FIRED? And yes, the idiot had just been canned, then left and drove to the plant entrance and came in with a big knife and went to work.

  2. This horrific attack in Oklahoma has shown us that muslims ALL muslims, can not ever be trusted. Not by a long chalk. If this happens again in this country, it will prompt certain people here, to begin retaliating against the muslim imams. Violence begets violence. And so it begins!

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