Paul Weston: PM Calls British Citizens Opposed To Islam ‘Sick’

Fellow Kaffirs,

Paul Weston, the Brit who was arrested for reading aloud Winston Churchill’s classic book, the River War, spoke to a large crowd of members of the English Defense League about the shameful comments of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who is on YouTube saying that there are too many Christian faces in the British government.  He also said that another politician, Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat MP says he looks forward to the day when there is a Muslim prime minister.

Here is a partial transcript of what he said:
“I’m not going to talk about left-wing and right-wing here; I’m going to talk about good and evil; civilization against barbarianism; right against wrong.”

After he pointed out that British Prime Minister David Cameron called people like the British patriots who oppose Islamic barbarism and takeover of their country ‘sick’ he said:

” The Left is sick, Islam is sick, but most importantly David Cameron is not just a coward, he is sick and he is a traitor to his country.” (We agree)

This needs to be happening on a massive scale in our country – large crowds opposed to the Muslim takeover. We are not in quite as bad a shape as Great Britian, but if liberals have their way and our Muslim president has his way we will be.

Think about this the next time you are straddling the fence thinking people like us are nuts.  Do you want your grandchildren to live like barbarians?  All of you liberal feminists….are you so sick in your head that you don’t see that you are killing your own cause by embracing the evil of Islam when you welcome it with open arms?  If you don’t wake up you are condemning your granddaughters to a miserable life where they have no rights.  Open your eyes!!!!

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