Muslim Child Rape Gangs In Britain

Fellow Infidels,
The Muslims have really got their psychological/multicultural game down pat.  They have cow-towed some people  into aiding and abetting evil by ignoring it….all because they are afraid of being accused of being ‘Islamaphobes.’ The problem of Muslim child rape gangs in Britain is quite disturbing, mainly because of the heinous nature of the crime itself, but even more so because the authorities knew about it, but were more concerned about being called ‘Islamaphobes’ than saving these young girls from being raped. Does anyone have any morals anymore? Or any intestinal fortitude? Here is what a Brit – Pat Condell – has to say about this:

As I said, the police already knew about this.  Here is an excerpt from an article titled ‘Muslim Child-Rape Gangs In Britain’ that appeared on The Clarion Project website:

While Muslim groups have sought to discredit the police investigations by accusing British authorities of “racism” and “Islamophobia,” it recently emerged that British police had known for more than a decade that Muslim rape gangs were targeting young girls in England, but they ignored evidence of the rapes and failed to act because they were afraid of being accused of racism.

How utterly DISGUSTING that the police – the people who are there to protect people – FAILED at protecting some of the most vulnerable citizens – little girls – from these vicious mad-dog savages.  May these rapists rot in Hell for what they did to these children!  But, you know, since the girls were infidels it doesn’t matter because infidels can be mistreated in any way by Muslims and it is A-OK.  England, you have let your liberal multicultural nut cases take over!  You don’t even care about your children!  I’m sure some do, but your foolish government does not!  You need to get on the phone and tell your elected officials that this is unacceptable!  It is probably too late, though.

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