Ex Muslim To Obama: ISIS Is Following Deeds Of Muhammad

Fellow Kafirs,

The following video will be well worth your time (about 8 minutes).  It features Brother Rachid, a Muslim convert to Christianity.  He is from the Islamic country of Morocco, and his father is an Islamic imam. Brother Rachid studied Islam for more than 20 years, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies.  Currently, he is working on his Master’s degree in Terrorism Studies, so this guy knows his stuff.  This is not a kook or a nut.

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2 Responses to Ex Muslim To Obama: ISIS Is Following Deeds Of Muhammad

  1. We have the bastards here, in Bentonville, also, but thus far, no problems. I work at a local super-center as a cahier, and see these “individuals” most nights. Knowing they will likely come through my line (and most do) I handle pork packages every night before going to work. I also make it a point to be VERY nice to the women, and largely ignore the men.
    I will fight them in every one of their aspects until my dying breath and their last drop of blood. I swear it to God.

    • burkasrugly says:

      Maybe you should have a little clip-on pin with a picture of your pet pig. I think that would be a nice addition to your cashier’s uniform. Or set a piggy bank up by your cash register. Be subtle….you know…stealth anti-jihad. Little things that drive them nuts.

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