Florida Muslim May Not Be A ‘Victim’ Of Israeli Police Brutality

Fellow Kafirs,
I smelled a rat when reports came out about this Florida teenager (a Muslim) who was allegedly beaten up by Israeli police. (He was visiting the area with his family). Does it seem odd that there was hardly a peep from the Obama administration regarding the three Jewish teenagers who were kidnapped, but they have gone all out to condemn the beating of a Muslim teenager from Florida?  It seems pretty lopsided to me – Burkasrugly


According to Bare Naked Islam:

The  so-called ‘victim,’ Tariq Abu Khdeir (pictured above with his mother, was part of a Palestinian gang of six who were throwing Molotov cocktails, trying to attack police with knives, and hurling rocks with a slingshot at police. Khdeir goes to school in Florida. The edited footage was released by the Palestinians and widely reported around the world.

Hmmm….I said I smelled a rat and I think I was right.

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